401k Retirement Plan Services

Multiple Employer Plans/401k Outsourcing

One of the most important services that we provide to employers is the ability to reduce their 401k retirement plan fiduciary liability. The Platinum 401k program allows employers the ability to manage their corporate retirement plan solutions in much the same manner as they handle all of their other employee benefit programs. Instead of having to become personally involved with every aspect of fiduciary and regulatory compliance, our program allows employers the ability to outsource nearly all of these duties and responsibilities to qualified retirement plan consultants. We’ve been working with multiple employer retirement plan clients for well over 30 years, and we can show you how our program can reduce your company workload, lower your costs, and lessen your liability. 

Liability Reduction Via Outsourced Fiduciary Services

The Platinum 401k can provide a dramatic reduction in your fiduciary liability, increase your operational inefficiencies, and remove your investment fund selection and monitoring duties. In many cases, there can also be a sizable reduction in overall plan costs (as much as 30% or more) thanks to the economies of scale that can be realized under our program. This can translate into a huge benefit for plan participants as well as employers!